How do I Clean, Care for and Store my Jewellery?

Article written by Angela Norbury FGAA 02/09/21


How do I Clean, Care for and Store my Jewellery?

Jewellery is your most valued accessory, therefore, proper care, cleaning and storage is important to maintain your pieces and collection.

Having a Jeweller on site gives us an opportunity to service your pieces quickly and giving you the peace of mind that your pieces don't leave the premises and are safe.

Here are some of the things we recommend:

Claw set Jewellery, especially things like engagement rings, need to be checked regularly as the claws can wear down with general wear and tear. They can also can get caught and pull away from the setting causing stones to come loose or possibly come out. Having the Jeweller check your rings at least once a year will help you maintain and keep your ring looking nice. If you purchase a new engagement ring though us this come as part of our after sales service, ultrasonic cleaning anytime and every 6 months you bring your ring in for a check, clean and polish (rhodium plating if white gold) complimentary.

Pearls are an organic gem (formed from a biological process) and are porous so therefore will be affected by chemical products like hairspray and perfume. They should be the last thing you put on before you go out and the first thing you take off when you get home. They should also be stored separately to your other Jewellery as they will scratch reasonably easily. Depending on how old and how often your strands are worn they may need to be restrung as well. Knotting in between each pearl is recommended because in the event your strand should break, you generally only have to look for one pearl or worst case scenario you only loose one pearl.

To avoid knotting in chains when you take them off do them up and store flat. This is especially a good idea for things like omega and snake chains which are like a coil system this will stop them bending and kinking. For other links it will simply stop them knotting and tangling. It is also preferable to take chains off before you go to bed to avoid getting caught and prevent damage.

Proper Storage - whilst the idea of a nice Jewellery box filled to the brim with all your Jewellery and treasures sitting on your dressing table will look nice, it's not necessarily the most practical idea as it is an open invitation to an intruder to just pick it up and take your whole collection with them. It is preferable to get yourself a safe, whether it be big or small, modern or vintage, to protect your collection and family heirlooms. In your safe your pieces should also be stored separately not just thrown in together which can cause scratching and chipping of your gemstones and other damage. Alternatively, wearing your most prized pieces is better security as it's on you and you are also enjoying it at the same time.

A quick clean can be achieved either in store using the Ultrasonic machine or if you are going out and need to do a quick clean at home you can use lukewarm water with a dash of washing up liquid, a soft tooth brush and towel dry. Do NOT use boiling hot or freezing cold water as it can crack stones. Some people like the idea of an ultra sonic cleaner at home but this can be a mine field if you don't know what you are doing. Ultra sonic cleaners should be left to the professionals as certain gemstones such as opals, emeralds or anything green, organic gems such as pearls, amber, coral as they are porous and cannot be put into the machine. The consequences can be dire and ruin your prized pieces.

If you have any concerns, questions or just want some advice on your pieces please feel free to contact us or visit the store and our professionally trained team can advise and help you.

Like with anything , Jewellery is no different, if you look after it, have a Jeweller clean, check and service it regularly, it will not only look as nice as the day you were either given it or purchased it, it last your lifetime and beyond.


Article written by Angela Norbury FGAA 02/09/21