Prevent Diamond Damage

For those who work in the jewellery industry we have seen the devastation on a clients face when they bring a diamond that has broken due to impact.

We know diamond is the hardest material known to humans, the only material that will scratch diamond is diamond. This is often confused when a diamond is broken. A diamond will rarely scratch but with precise pressure applied to a diamond this will result in a chip/ break.


Diamonds can tolerate a lot of abuse, yet they have their vulnerabilities. Diamonds with inclusions or cut with thin girdles are more prone to breaking. breaks can occur from;

- Extreme impacts like closing a door on a hand wearing a diamond ring - ouch but may have saved more damage to your hand.

- careless storing of diamond jewellery, diamonds can damage diamonds simply by contact

- very thin girdles can chip easily with

- not having enough protection from the jewellery mounting

Minimal metal protecting diamond


As suppliers of diamonds to our customers we have to take care to ensure we provide all the information on the diamonds when you purchase, not all diamonds are a like and we need to convey the pros and cons in each dealing. We need to educate our clients how to take best care of their diamonds to avoid damage.

Remember only diamonds and precise impacts can damage or destroy a diamond. We can not foresee precise impact but all other forms of damage are preventable.

Diamonds with thin girdles, inclusions and feathers are most vulnerable. Check each diamond you inspect and ask for pros & cons before choosing your diamond.