How to Pick the Perfect Engagement Ring

Picking the perfect engagement ring can be daunting. Below are a few tips and tricks to help with the process.


Start with the basics

Does your partner like Yellow, Rose, White/Silver colour metal? 

Great way to find this out is by taking note of the current jewellery they wear. I have a lot of clients say their partners wear silver as this is the colouring of the metal. When making an engagement ring the silver coloured metal is generally white gold or platinum. These are a more precious metals and structurally stronger than sterling silver. 

If your partner doesn't wear much jewellery or only wears costume jewellery they change regularly with whats on trend. Different metals look different on different people or maybe culturally a metal colour is preferred. Iff you have discussed getting engaged you can probably ask what metal colour they prefer

Does your partner like diamonds or gemstones?

Diamonds are the most iconic symbol of love and commitment as the saying goes "diamonds are forever". 

In recent times clients are looking at other gemstones to be the main focus of the engagement ring. One of the most popular alternatives has been sapphire. Sapphire comes in endless colour options and is a hard material. no gemstone is as hard as a diamond, keep this in mind as the ring will be worn every day. Every day wear on a gemstone will show but a diamond will not scratch. all stones can be damaged with wear and tear but the degree that this happens varies dramatically. Ask about the strength and hardness of the gemstone you are considering and weigh up all the pros & cons.


What shape main stone does your partner like?

We find Round brilliant cut to be the most popular. It is a classic and shows the most brilliance from a diamond. Their are many cuts as their are many personalities, each cut has its own characteristics & visual appeal.

Which do you think suits your partner?

How do I work out my partners finger size?

This is a tricky one to get right but don't let that deter you. We offer free resizing on all our engagement rings. We understand it is near impossible to get the correct size. all fingers are different and all styles of rings don't feel the same.

trying one of your partners existing rings on your finger and seeing where is sits can help. when you are in store you can try the ring sizes on to see if its sits in a similar spot.

Window shopping, if you have discussed getting engaged tell your partner you would like to check their size in your local jewellers. This can be a great opportunity to see what style they like also.

tip: if your partner has a ring they wear on their ring finger try to take this to your local jeweller. it wont be perfect but will be very close.

this helpful link has a printable ring size chart & tool, not 100 percent accurate but will get a close sizing.



Does your partner like classic, practical or extravagant styling?

their are some Classics in jewellery that have stood the test of time. This styling doesn't date and is traditionally a main diamond solitaire or with some discreet detailing. This style makes up most of the engagement rings we sell as it is the style engagement ring clients have pictured themselves wearing for years.


Practical styling i have found over the year being asked for from people that are very hands on in their day to day life. people who may work with young children, nurses/doctors who need to wear gloves daily. this style will have all aspects of design that you are after but ensuring the day to day wear is practical. usually styled with inset diamond and any larger stones set low and not able to catch.


Extravagant styling, if you think your partner loves OTT then this is the style. Generally large diamonds surrounded by many diamonds. 


I find it hard to visualize and commit to a ring.

The world is flooded with options in every aspect of life, engagement rings are no different. We have amazing technology to help with the design and visualization of the ring we will make for you. 

In my experience with proposals the ring is not the most important part. Your relationship and finding the right person is, the ring is the icing on the cake. I have had clients tell me their rings are not what they pictured themselves wearing but they love the fact their partner chose it and that makes it more special. I've also had clients say the ring is not their style but they get a story to laugh about and choose the one that is right for them. The most common story is that the customer and their partner love each other and the ring is amazing. Small secret, its not the ring that makes the engagement, its the personal connection.

Computer Aided Design (CAD) is an amazing tool to help show all the details of what your engagement ring will look like. We offer free CAD rendering so you know what we are making for you before we start. This helps us & you to understand what we need to make before spending money. CAD is great but it is also not 100 percent. With your CAD keep in mind if you are 90% there you will love the real ring. We have a vast range of jewellery to compare to your cad and see what the final details will look like. Remember if your partner doesn't like the ring we will exchange for what they love.


 How much should i spend on an engagement ring?

The budget question is a massive one. Their are a few tales out there saying 3 months of your salary. Truth is the engagement ring is a symbol of love & commitment, you spend what you can afford and what you feel is the right amount.

Some will spend a sydney house deposit (hundreds of thousands) and some will spend a dinner at nobu ($800). Budgets and expectations are two very different things, some will finance to get the rings of their dreams and some will save to spend the most they can at the time. Life is full of times of reserve and excess, I believe clients need to do the most they can at the time. Don't let the budget stop you from proposing, it is amazing what a good jeweller can provide you on any budget.

Below: $800


Above: $85000


Getting engaged is a special time in our lives, don't let a ring style slow you down from doing one of the best things in your life.